Private Equity

Investing in multiple sectors across the African continent

Within Africa, FEDA works in sectors with the highest potential for development impact:

Financial Services e.g.

  • Banking
  • Credit insurance
  • Factoring companies
  • Payment infrastructure

Manufacturing e.g.

  • Food processing
  • Automobile assembly
  • Metal processing

Telecommunication, Media, and Technology (TMT) e.g.

  • Hardware/Software

Transport, Logistics, Warehousing e.g.

  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Warehousing & Pack
  • Pack Housing
  • Payment Platforms

Consumer Goods and Retail e.g.

  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverages
  • White goods

Trade-enabling Infrastructure e.g.

  • Industrial parks
  • Export processing parks
  • Trading estates
  • Trading companies

Tourism e.g.

  • Leisure
  • Medical

Agribusiness e.g.

  • Crop production
  • Animal husbandry

Creative e.g.

  • Film & Music
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fashion

Our Investment criteria include:

Investment targets

Start-ups, SMEs, emerging corporates and mature/large businesses

Investment focus

Expansion, buyout (in partnership with investors), mezzanine and debt capital transactions*

Instruments for investment

Equity and quasi-equity instruments


Significant minority (preferred) and majority stakes

Investment size

Between $5 million and US$20 million (with capital increasing with funds under management)

Geographical focus

FEDA will intervene in all the African countries**


Initial Public Offering, trade (strategic) sales, secondary buyout, leveraged recapitalisation, leveraged management buyout, pre-negotiated benchmark-based buybacks or repayment of debt through cashflow or capital raising.

* Including but not limited to the purchase, sale and disposal of assets, businesses, shares and other securities in companies and the making of loans (whether secured or unsecured) directly or indirectly to companies with the principal objective of creating capital growth and realising capital gain.

** Comprising all African Union member states except Algeria, Libya, Somalia and Sahrawi Republic.